It’s the time! You must choose the camera you want. You have learned the 7 things you need to know before buying a DSLR and now we are going to answer some questions that you may have in order to choose the right choice at the store.

1. I want a DSLR camera ¿What brand should I buy?

DSLR market is bigger every year. Brands like Fujifilm, Olympus or Sony have taken the step to mirrorless cameras and it is harder to make our decisions. You should know that there aren’t important differences among entry-level cameras and because of that, we advise you to go to the camera store and try them. Feel the cameras in your hands and choose the camera you feel comfortable. This feeling is important and the professional model of this cameras keep it or improve it.

In these cases one big factor is the price.

2. How much do I spend on the camera?

First, limit your budget. We tend to think that “for only 50€ more” we can get the best camera but you must think if you really need it.

Second, once you have looked the newest camera model compare it with previous models and think if you will use the new features or if they are a must.

Finally, if you want to save even more money you can take a look at second hand market where you can find new and old models better priced than in a shop and well preserved. Think, who makes this kind of investment tends to take care of the equipment.

3. Where can I compare camera specifications and camera prices?

Today there are many websites where you can compare cameras. There are even specialized websites to compare sizes. We recommend Snapsort to compare specifications where you will find advantages and disadvantages through a simple and friendly interface.

If you want to take a look at the camera sizes you can go to Camerasize, that offers you the possibility of see a camera in different perspectives and compare between them with their lenses.

4. Are the kit lenses worth it?

The kit lenses are the basic ones that usually come with the cameras. They can be varied but we will talk about the 18-55mm and 55-200mm. In our opinion, this lenses are good to try focal lengths, to know which of them we like and if we miss something on them. The kit lenses quality is really basic and in line with the price paid for them, but with a slightly higher investment we can get a higher image quality than with the objectives mentioned.

5. What is a stabilized lens? Should they all be like this?

A stabilized lens is which has a mechanism that prevents vibrations that can blur our photo. This feature is useful when we shoot at low speeds or use long focal lengths (telephoto lens), but it is not essential and in some ocassions this feature makes the lens significantly more expensive. We consider that you should look for stabilization in long focal lengths lenses, which is where you will most take advantage.

6. Is UV filter necessary to protect the lens?

The use of UV filter to protect the lens is widespread. Usually we buy the cheapest filter in the store and it is a mistake. The filter goes in front of our lens, which means that the light must go through the filter before arrive to the camera sensor. With a low quality filter, we will get less image quality or even flares in our photo.

We don’t use UV filters in our cameras unless the situation calls for it, like events with a lot of people or bad weather.

If you have more questions…

Ask us in the comments and we will try to answer all of them.

See you!