The moment of choosing the photographic equipment that you want to buy always produces some headaches. We have all been through that situation where you ask yourself: Nikon or Canon? DSLR or mirrorless? How much money should I spend on a photography equipment? The first investment in photography gear is a major expense and we want to be sure that it will be a well invested money that will offer us those wonderful photos that we see on the internet or magazines and that have been taken with professional cameras. We tend to think that the more expensive camera body, the better photographs we get but, is the camera really responsible for the final result?

Amateur cameras can offer very similar pictures to professional cameras.

The knowledge is the basis of a good photograph and is not the same in the beginning of the photographer’s career as at the end of it because photography is an art that requires constant learning. The photographer’s knowledge is composed, among other things, of the study of the behavior of light, composition, color theory and education of the eye. The second important element to obtain a good photograph, and that is usually left out, is the digital development. Digital postprocessing is the second of the pillars that influence the final photography and currently, in our opinion, has an important weight in it.

Amateur cameras can offer very similar pictures to professional cameras, but novice photographers, often with entry-level cameras, do not have the skills or practice to achieve the same result as a trained photographer with years of experience and practice. That is the reason why we thought that with the entry-level cameras you can not achieve professional results. You can check that there are fantastic photographers with amateur cameras in the different social networks specialized in photography like Flickr or 500px and photographers with the last cameras models that they do not just convince with their work.

Now, we are not going to fool you, a professional camera is much more practical when taking a photo shoot. The shortcuts buttons to functions and options in the body itself, the focus motor, the number of focus points and its precision or the greater ISO give you greater ease when you are working and the time equals money.

Comparison between the Nikon D5600 amateur camera shortcuts and the professional Nikon D800 camera

We recommend investing a little more in lenses that offer higher image quality than those that usually come with camera kits.

But a camera is not only the body itself, but also the lenses. In this sense we advise to invest a little more in lenses that offer higher image quality than those that usually come with camera kits. This does not mean that you should spend a lot of money in a lens. An example would be Nikon’s 35mm and 50mm f1.8 prime lenses, with prices around €200 and the quality is spectacular for its price.

And as a picture is worth a thousand words, we leave you a RAW output directly from the Nikon D5100 camera and the result after postprocessing:

RAW D5100 + 50mm 1.8G

Processed JPEG